I am a Computer Vision Researcher at UNLV.


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HalluciNet-ing Spatiotemporal Representations Using 2D-CNN
Paritosh Parmar, Brendan Morris
ArXiv Preprint, 2019  
arxiv | code

TL;DR: Hallucination task improves training by providing detailed supervision without annotation efforts. Helps when dealing with actions with short and long-term temporal dynamics. Useful in pretraining as well. Lowers computational and data communication costs.

What and How Well You Performed? A Multitask Learning Approach to Action Quality Assessment
Paritosh Parmar, Brendan Morris
CVPR, 2019   (Oral Presentation)
arxiv | dataset | code

TL;DR: Learning to mimic commentators can help better mimic judges.

Action Quality Assessment Across Multiple Actions
Paritosh Parmar, Brendan Morris
WACV, 2019
arxiv | dataset | code

TL;DR: It is better to simultaneously learn to mimic human judges from multiple sports.

Learning to Score Olympic Events
Paritosh Parmar, Brendan Morris
CVPR Workshops, 2017   (Oral Presentation; 3rd Place People's Choice)
arxiv | dataset | code

TL;DR: Mimic human judges.

Measuring the Quality of Exercises
Paritosh Parmar, Brendan Morris
EMBC, 2016

TL;DR: To facilitate the collection of physiotherapy assessment dataset without a physiotherapist, we treat AQA as a classification problem, instead of a regression problem. Further, we conduct a feasibility study on the same.

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